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AC/DC Hybrid Balance Charger & Discharger

AC/DC Hybrid Charger/Discharger (MMRP1008) CTX-C Cell Master Platinum

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • AC/DC input voltage circuit
  • Special blue LCD screen
  • Compact design
  • Balance, Fast Charge and Storage modes for lithium batteries
  • Individual lithium cell balancing
  • Individual lithium cell real-time voltage monitoring
  • Cycling charge/discharge
  • Data store and data load for five batteries
  • Engineered for maximum safety

Operation Voltage: DC11~18 volts | AC100~240V | 50/60Hz
Charge / Discharge Power: Max 50Watts
Number of Cells: NiCd / MH 1~15 cells; LiIon / LiPo / LiFe 1~6 series; Pb 2~20V
Charge Current: 0.1 ~ 5.0A
Discharge Current: 0.1 ~ 1.0A
Cycling Number: 1 ~ 5
Data Storage Number: Max 5
Weight: 23.6 oz (670 g)
Dimensions: 5.4 x 3.9 x 3.3 in (137 x 99 x 83 mm)

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