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1/10 Scale Touring Tires

High-Performance traction
for any racing track!

Roar-legal for racing!

PSPMS36X Mounted Touring TireRS Series Touring Car Tires

Doesn't matter whether you're indoors or outdoors — when the heat is on, RS Series tires bring the traction you need to win. Four-tire sets are available unmounted, or mounted on 24mm white dish wheels. Inserts included.

MMRC2500 RS36X Touring Tire 36° (4)
MMRC2510 RSPMS36X Mounted Touring Tire 36° (4)

Legend: PM = Pre-Mounted; X = belted

Absolute TiresAbsolute Touring Car Tires

The 'Absolute' tire has undergone long term development and rigorous testing to ensure it will deliver the optimum performance on both asphalt and carpet surfaces without any compromise. 'Absolute' Tires will consistently provide an exact driving line on the straight combined with precision and stability in cornering. Exceptional grip, durability, and maximum braking potential make this the perfect tire for all levels of competition.

MMRC2200 Absolute Touring Car Rubber Tire 24° (4)
MMRC2201 Absolute Touring Car Rubber Tire 28° (4)
MMRC2206 Absolute Touring Car Rubber Tire 24° (4)
MMRC2207 Absolute Touring Car Rubber Tire 28° (4)
MMRC2209 Absolute Touring Car Rubber Tire 36° (4)

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